Physical Activities

They encourage swimming, biking, hiking, mountain climbing and other physical activities in the rehab.

Meditation Therapies

They encourage meditation to provide peace for the soul, such as following yoga, tai-chi, prayer sessions.

Organic Meal Plans

this program aims at improving the physical well-being of the participants, aiming at addressing the nutritional deficiencies .

Rehabilitation with holistic approach

Rehabilitation is for those who are seriously affected by any one thing, addiction to any particular aspect of life. There are many types of rehab available, based on the type of addiction. Also based on certain other factors, the treatment options vary.

A holistic approach to rehab teaches participants to protect all areas of their health, mind, spirit and body. it throws light on the complete healing of the body because a clean mind pays the way for the clean soul, free of bad thoughts and worries. Unlike the regular models of rehab program which focuses on psychotherapy that is available, these type of programs has a different approach!

Why should one choose this treatment option?

Relenting on alcohol and drugs has many reasons, be it extreme stress at work, or depression or failures in any task. They take to drugs to fill the emptiness that life throws at them. Some start it for pleasure and carry forward as addicts. People with addiction are not aware of which area is being affected and how. They are often misguided as to how to progress in managing their addiction. So, this holistic approach provides treatment to the whole body, mind and soul. They work on the principle of healing from internally. According to medical programs and studies, it's proven that a problem in any one area of the body is interlinked to the functions in the other. So, if one is affected, the other one's functionality decreases, and the overall functionality decreases. click here for more details

Well, so what are the benefits of this Holistic Addiction Rehab?

Holistic programs have the same therapies as the traditional ones, but they offer few extra benefits and the way the therapies are carried out is different. Every rehab centre is different, they have trained staff and therapists to provide daily therapies for individuals, group therapies for a group of people. They also offer help and support to different groups on sites.

Complementary therapies: acupuncture and massage therapies are also included in this program.

Locations: the holistic centres are normally located in the scenic beauty of nature so that the human mind is diverted into nature.

What to expect in a holistic rehab?

Just like other rehab centres, even few among the holistic rehab centres are different, and you must choose the right one for you. based on the below factors consider the one that suits your needs and your personal choices.
Treatment options: one size fits for all, isn't the mantra that isn't suitable for all, in all instances. So, check out for the treatment types that are available, is your find there? Chek out for instances and proofs for the efficiency of treatments.

Program duration: program durations vary, depending upon many factors. Although many centres offer program starting from 30 days, 60 days, addiction rehab program. Certain people recover only on long-term programs.

Location of the centre: check for the location for the centre, how far is it located? The farther, the better it is! if you have little stronger will power, then choosing local centres will help you fare well with low travelling costs.

The cost of the program: sometimes the holistic programs are expensive due to the scenic locations that it is located, the high-quality foods served, customised options. Few centres accept insurances and few others don’t.

Check for accreditation: each state is maintained by an accreditation body that governs the working of such centres, imposing rules and regulations. Reputed centres normally have accreditation from state and abide by the laws.
Follow up care: a quality program centre will offer you good follow up care. Hope with this info, you will find one good centre.

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  • “ We also help in our staff with any of their personal problems, if any. Or even if any of their family members are struggling with any of their problems, we give personal attention to them. our motto is to keep our staff happy and contented. ”

    John Smith

  • “ Attending the holistic program benefits each and everyone who goes there. The only thing that you must do is to make up your mind, to attend the sessions and programs. ”

    Larry Jane

  • “ In holistic rehab, the detoxification is carried out a little differently, with a holistic touch. In addition to the regular process of programs carried out at normal rehabs, holistic rehabs have the following programs: ”

    Quan Ngyen

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